Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Spray Tan Review

Because, what could be more important to a bridesmaid than a good spray tan?

Afterall, you are in the photos forever- so it's important to look your best. And for me, looking my best includes a tan-preferably without having to deal with the actual sun. 

I was recently at a girls day event where we spent time at the pool with some cocktails and one of my fellow girlfriends mentioned something about a spray tan. While we were on the topic I started discussing the different spray tans I have I tried and what I thought of them. 

And that's how this blog post was born... 

Here are all the spray tans I've tried and my thoughts on them:

Spray Tan Booth: I have tried a few different spray tan booths, but Versa Spa has been the best by far. 

It was so fast, easy, and included a moisturizer pass as well. The color turned out awesome, not orange at all. It was around $25 at the place I went (not too shabby) especially since it lasted about a week. 

Sometimes when I think about doing a spray tan in a booth I think about that episode of Friends where Ross gets a spray tan and it goes horribly wrong....

...Thankfully, the directions are much simpler these days with no counting involved!

(If you're concerned about toxins, there are some places that offer organic solutions). 

At home spray tan: I have used Salon Bronze Airbrush Tanning System from Sally's. I absolutely LOVE the color that comes from this spray tan. Not too mention, it's only $12.99 to order online and the refills are only about 8 or 9 dollars. This spray tan has lasted my about 4 days on average. 

However, it can be difficult to do at home. My boyfriend has been a trooper and spray tanned me a couple of times.  Trust me when I say-it takes some practice and good lighting! 

Nowadays, I only use this spray tan when I'll be wearing a dress that covers most of my body just in case we have some issues with missing spots. I wouldn't recommend this before a beach trip unless you're a professional!

Spa Spray Tan: This has been, by far, my favorite type of spray tan. The kind where you go into a spa or tanning salon and a professional sprays you with some high quality tanning solution. I feel that this is the way to go, because you get special attention and they always make sure that you are totally covered. Also, this type of spray tan has always lasted at least a week as well. 

The downsides? Well, you have to get naked in front of a stranger (I usually leave my undies on) and it costs a little bit more- around $30-$35 dollars. But, like I said, I think it's totally worth it! 

So, there ya go! My two cents on spray tans because I haven't been in a single wedding where I didn't get one before the big day! 

What spray tans have you tried? Did they work? Not work? Tell me everything!