Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Choosing Bridesmaids

If you are living in Georgia, you understand that the start of the fall season this year has been magical, which is totally unlike this lovely state. The first and second day of fall have been cool and windy- it has been so awesome and making me want to stay home and snuggle up with some coffee (a girl can dream!).

In the mean time, I have been staying busy with wedding stuff every weekend (travel, travel, travel, ATL here I come!) and becoming an aunt to the most perfect baby boy, Killian!!

One of the first things we did after the engagement was decide who will be in the bridal party. It was probably be one of the easiest decisions I have made during the wedding planning process.

So, of course I have to blog about it: how do you choose? What things do you need to consider?

Fortunately, for me, it didn't take much considering.

It was a given who my MOH would be: my bestie and 'friend soul mate' Amber. I feel very fortunate and excited that my best friend, twin bride, and MOH is getting married three months before me-it's like a dream come true that we get to plan our weddings simultaneously, because it has made the whole process even more fun. It is especially nice to have a friend who will tirelessly discuss weddings with you because she also wants to talk weddings 24/7. I will be the MOH in Amber's wedding coming up in December (less than 100 days ahh!)
It is important that your MOH be someone reliable and someone who will make your life as bride as easy as possible (Thanks Amber!). Typically, this person is a sister or close friend.

I decided to have four bridesmaids total, why? Because, 1. I'm OCD and wanted to have an even number of bridesmaid on each side of me during photos and 2. because these ladies are my four closest friends, so it was really an easy decision. They are my closest friends for reason, they are funny, loving, giving, and most importantly-reliable women who I can always lean on.

Each each of my bridesmaids entered my life at a different stage and has remained close to me over the years.

Becca and I met in middle school, continuing our friendship through high school, college, grad school etc. We met during the awkward/immature stages of life and it's safe to say that, although we have grown up, we might still be a little silly and immature when we get together. I planned Becca's bachelorette party back in the day and was her MOH as well!
She is probably the prettiest red head I know!

Ana-Maria and I met during college, but our friendship really flourished during grad school when we realized that we were in deep! Without her, I'm not sure I would have survived! I was a bridesmaid in Ana-Marias wedding almost two years ago and helped plan her bachelorette party!
Psych nerds for life.

Brittany and I met during college and she was my big sister in Phi Mu. We were instant besties and were also roomies for a couple years in the best house ever (I mean, it had a pool with a slide!). I was MOH in Brittany's wedding this past May!
My most talented bestie!!

I sent all of the girls cards from Etsy, but Amber's was a little different since she is the MOH.

I am fortunate that my decision of who to choose was so easy! It is important to choose bridesmaids you are close to, who are reliable, who will be there for you, and who you will have fun with!

What are some characteristics you find important when choosing a bridal party?