Monday, January 27, 2014

My First Bachelorette Party

My very first time acting as MOH was during 2010 for one of my best friends. Becca and her now husband Shaun had been dating since the tenth grade (making it SEVEN years), so it was really exciting to a part of their big day! It was the most excited I had been for a wedding up to that point.

Becca and I have been friends since the seventh grade and I had always known that I would be her MOH.  But, like I said, it was also my first time and I was greeted with learning all the things I would be in charge of.  As I mentioned before, one of the first things that comes up when your BFF gets engaged is the bachelorette party and I was so excited to start planning.

Let me paint a picture for you of the bride:

Imagine a goofy, red-headed gal who can be a little prudish sometimes (Sorry Bex, but you know it’s true!). Throughout our friendship, and especially during college years, myself and our close friend Amber were the crazy party-animals, while Becca was always a little more straight-laced and down to earth, while also keeping the rest of us grounded. Don’t get me wrong though, this ginger is so fun, a great friend, a great dancer, and very good at listening and giving advice.

So, there I was questioning myself on what kind of party to throw for this bride-to-be. I always like to take into consideration the things the bride loves the most and Becca has always been particularly keen on being close with her girl friends, making the planning process easy- make it all about the group!

Here is the plan: Take a limo to the city (Atlanta in this case, since that’s where most of the invitees were living), open lingerie gifts, go to dinner, and then find a place to have some drinks and complete the scavenger hunt that everyone can be involved in. All in all, what I would describe the epitome of what comes to mind when I think about a bachelorette- all the essentials!

And that is what we did.

I made party favors for all of the guests and gave them out while we were waiting to be picked up by the limo. I also asked all the ladies to write down some wedding/marriage advice for the bride. 

The party favors I made consisted of a wine glass with the ladies name and a word to describe their part in the wedding or their relationship to the bride on the back. For example: the bride’s glass said “Becca” on the front and “Bride” on the back. Other examples included “Bridesmaid” and  “Shutterbug” (for the photographer/friend). There were also a lot of inside jokes used here between the bride and all of here closest friends- they were perfect!

And of course there was some penis paraphernalia- cookies and candy. But overall, the raunchiness was kept to a minimum for Becca’s sake.

The night continued as we loaded up in the limousine and headed to Virginia Highlands for dinner at Noche During the ride to the restaurant we opened all of the lingerie gifts and shared some big laughs.

We then made our way to Limerick Junction Irish Pub (fitting, seeing that the bride is Irish heritage right?). I can’t even begin to explain how perfect this place turned out to be for our night. There was a live musician playing folk music, including Peter, Paul, and Mary and the like. It was meant to be, seeing that Becca absolutley loves folk music. 
The night continued with the goal of completing the scavenger hunt list I had created via several different websites for inspiration.

It included between 15 and 20 items, such as make fart noises in front of a cute guy, get 5 guys to write down marriage advice, find a guy to do a magic trick for you, find a guy to serenade you, go to the bathroom and make a veil out of toilet paper…etc etc.

This was definitely a more PG rated scavenger hunt, but if you’re looking for something a little more crazy it won’t be hard to find! 

The to do list... dun dun dun

Find someone to practice your first dance with! 
Find someone to practice walking down the aisle

Being serenaded with folk music on stage - so perfect! The bride definitely got some special treatment!
 We ended the night with all the gals sleeping over at my parent's house, with Becca and I reminiscing about the fun we had together in middle school, high school, and beyond. It was definitely a night to remember and what I have always considered a successful first attempt at throwing a bachelorette party.

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  1. What a fun night that was! So perfect for Becca's personality too, I'd definitely agree!